Covid-19 Response

Hello submissives, I’m sure all of you have been reading the reports, daily updates and changes each of your city is alerting about the covid-19 virus.

This is My assurance to you about My real time practice and how I intend to limit the potential risk of both getting infected and passing on infection.

Facts from the CDC were used as the basis of My quite strict and severe levels of sanitation.

My tour schedule has been affected due to the pandemic and will be constantly updated here.

You MUST read through this and confirm you have read this in your email to Me as tribute deposits sent to Me are not simply refundable because you cannot honor My Covid-19 requirements.

Me: – I have been 3x vaccinated

1. I am generally an introvert and do not spend ( currently *any* ) time in crowds. My work is very isolating and I only work closely with people on a one on one basis who are in the peak of their health.

2. I will be taking a shower and washing My hands immediately before every client I see as long as there is a shower available on premise. ( This is the case of Portland and Seattle ). For other cities like NYC, LA and SF, I will be taking a shower before I leave My home for sessions.

3. All My tools which are being used are being cleaned with medical grade CaviCide and/or have barrier protection. Anything that is not ( e.g. rope which cannot be cleaned with liquids ) will be quarantined for 72 hrs before use on another person. You can read everything CaviCide eradicates here.

4. I will not be using My spit in play. Do not expect it.

5. I intend to travel with a face mask. I intend to wash My hands ( for 30 sec ) regularly and every time I enter My space which I intend to work.

6. Should I not feel well in the slightest, I will cancel our appointment and refund you the entire deposit or give you the option of seeking a postponement. Please know, My method of returning a deposit will likely be via crypto currency – which will require you to have your own crypto wallet. The process of returning your deposit will start within two weeks of the cancellation. If you are not comfortable with this, I will credit you up to $300 USD worth of credit to use for clips on one of My clip sites. Please be comfortable with this before embarking on making reservations with Me.

7. After each tour I do, I will be in a self imposed quarantine from RT sessions for 2 weeks, if not I will inform you that I have recently arrived back from travel and you can determine if you would like to see Me still. If I am visiting Singapore, I will be quarantined for two weeks and covid tested before I start seeing submissives.

8. Should I get a fever within 14 days of seeing you, I will inform you.


Non-Negotiable: You will be taking a rapid test kit on site before we play. I will have some with Me. If you test positive your deposit will be forfeited and we cannot have a session. So please get tested prior to seeing Me for the lowest chance of this happening.

1. If you are experiencing cough, fever and/or shortness of breath, the Covid-19 symptoms identified by the CDC . Please inform Me and we will discuss a postponement of your session if a deposit has already been paid. If you let Me know less than 48 hours before seeing Me about this, then your deposit is forfeited.

2. If there is a shower on the premises. I will allow you to arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled session to take a shower at My premises before our play. This is something I WILL ask of you in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. I will accept that hair will not be washed, but I expect every other part of you to be. Please know, I will be doing the same. ( This is the case of Portland, Seattle )
If I am seeing you in a location with no shower, I expect you to arrive immediately after a shower.

3. I ask that you do not email Me with your concerns about My personal health and safety but rather trust that I am doing far more than most in keeping Myself and you safe.

4. I ask you take on the responsibility of making sure that you are listening to your body for symptoms, limiting risk where it is found in medical basis and washing your hands frequently.

5. Should you get a fever within 14 days of seeing Me, you will be a responsible human being and let Me know.

6. *IF* you are not vaccinated, you will be expected to wear a mask during our sessions. This is non-negotiable and truly for YOUR safety.
I can wear a mask during the RT session if it makes YOU feel safer, however, I recognize a lot of the experience is in watching ME. I will be having you a fresh N95 mask to wear, your cotton mask will simply not do.
The ONLY exception for this rule is Singapore as the cases are at a global all time low. Singapore submissives do not need to wear a mask to see Me in session.

Parting words:
Above all, have excellent practices daily. Practice social distancing, wear a mask and wash your hands in soap with frequency.
Proceed with science backed research and honor My desire to be safe.
You may be symptom free and you will need to keep Me safe as I will be doing the same for you.

If you decide you would rather not see Me in person, consider Distance Training or Phone/Skype sessions which I adore.

Domina Elara