I am an Asian woman brought up in Asia and had an international education and career which eventually took Me to the United States where I took My corporate career. I have always been curious about the world, different cultures, power and sexuality.

A few years ago I came into contact with My mentor at a kink party and have been under Her tutelage. Since then, I have pursued some of the best dominatrices in the world for training and expanded My experiences and repertoire.

My domination style often starts in strict high protocol and moves into a more nurturing or mischievous sadistic tone. With protocol training and then exploring various ways of bringing you into a powerfully altered state under My command through My kinks and fetishes.

I’ve been under the mentorship and tutelage of some of the best dominatrices in the United States. And consider My style a mix of classical and intuitive resonance. How you perform as a submissive will help Me determine how I will craft our experience. BDSM is after all a shared experience.

I adore having dinner dates where I can get to know you as an individual outside a session. You will also get to see Me chirp with delight over delicious food and find even more ways to use you for My pleasure in session.

Very occasionally I take on a submissive as long term sub when they have proven themselves to Me. Where I own them and they have a special place in My life.

To know Me better here are some of My writings that capture Me:
My Dream FLR
Do Professional Dominatrices Only Do It For the Money
How I became a Sadist or How I got into BDSM

My Kinks

TOP 5:
– Erotic Hypnosis
– Tease & Denial ( I love the look of desperation in your eyes! )
– Shibari ( non-suspension )
– Worship ( Feet / Legs / Outings / Dates / Shopping trips /Fine Dining )
– Submissive Training

– Humiliation ( light teasing all the way into heavy degradation )
– Mindfuck
– Age Play
– Roleplays
– Chastity / O-control
– Feminization
– Objectification ( Furniture / Financial Domination )
– Public play ( Very much dependent on location )

– Bondage ( Rope & Leather )
– Torture ( Corporal / CBT / Smothering )
– Impact ( Canes / Floggers / Whips )
– Sensory play ( Ice / electrics / erotic hypnosis )

– Latex
– Leather
– Stockings / Nylons
– High Heels
– Feet ( I have beautiful feet and I adore foot worship! )

– Scat ( No scat ever in My presence )
– Hurting of any creature ( even bugs )
– Nothing involving any persons under 18 years old
– Contact of any part of My body covered in a bikini
– Any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual
– Heavily scripted scene ( I follow My instincts and the flow of energy )
– Switching / Subing
– Wrestling / Lifting & Carrying / Boxing / Kicking of the face