Distance Training / Sessions

You are highly discreet.
You crave control from far away.
You want to give in to Me.
Distance training might be exactly what you are looking for.

All distance training and sessions are highly personalized experiences curated for each submissive. It takes a lot of My time and focus which is why I only have limited places in My stable for distance submissives.

What are Distance Sessions?

Distance sessions are one off phone/Skype domination sessions with a minimum of 20 minutes.

To be considered:

Subscribe to My LoyalFans Page and send Me brief introduction about yourself, how long your ideal Phone / Skype Session is ( minimum 20 mins ) and two dates and times you’d be able to have them within 7 days.

What is Distance Training

It is an on-going Domination and submission dynamic established between both of us, which I will lead. Every single dynamic is highly personalized and curated to fit both our lives, no two are alike. You will be under total control of Me via phone/text/email ( whichever we agree upon ). Depending on what we outline based on both My, your needs and hard limits, it can be as high frequency and demanding as daily communication or a couple of times a week.

I will expect you to start altering little actions in your life to please Me, you might not understand why but know that every single one is for My pleasure and to show devotion to Me. I will make you into My perfect submissive.

Distance Training is an extremely personal experience to Me. There can be far more intimacy to Me in these relationships than in Real Time sessions due to the high frequency of interactions. Which is why I do not take on distance submissives easily.

Things I have asked distance training submissives to do for Me:
– Wear a Chasity device for Me
– Do daily rituals that show they are devoted to Me
– Wear naughty clothing for Me underneath their work clothes
– Suffer for Me physically or even go to the gym

Subscribe to My Loyalfans page and request a Phone / Skype session to start.