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Musing 0.2

I am a sadist.
I love the art of giving pain that borders the line of pleasure and excruciation.
I love the anticipation of when a cane strikes and if the crackle of a taser makes you flinch.

I assure you it is not simply the pain I enjoy administering. Oh no, I love the quick short breaths you take when I drag my nails across the back of your neck and the whimper you release when you hear the flogger whisk across the air barely touching you. I love your anticipation and terror.

I love every flinch, every cry, every shudder.

And I love it when you beg.

I’ll tell you when to beg, to ask for more pain and terror. And I wait – whip in hand.
And somehow you always do.
You beg.
You ask for more.

And I gladly deliver or withhold as you twist in your binds.