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My Domination Style

My Domination Style

My interests are rooted in sensual domination, I love tease and denial – watching My submissives ache with desire while denying them ( or allowing them ) pleasure is very exciting to Me.

I also enjoy administering pain artfully as I am a sadist – but I only truly enjoy sadism when I see a submissive willingly and eagerly takes blows/pinches/strikes for Me. The enjoyment goes away if their desires are not matching up to Mine in witnessing them receive pain. If they are not pain sluts, I find other ways of engaging them that fulfill My interests.

Such as the act of ritual, I love starting with acts of worship to Me, feeling My submissives loving touch on My feet, legs and body while making sure they abide by tight protocol or rules.

I also consider financial servitude an act of worship I highly appreciate, one that gets My attention quickly especially if I only interacted with you on the web on phone or cannot see you regularly. My attention and My skills are things I have specific and have honed, ones that should be appreciated by My subs. Hence acts of servitude such as buying Me gifts and sending Me financial tributes to maintain My lifestyle so I can focus on the creation of beautiful scenes do not go unnoticed.

I incorporate protocol into My extended time with My subs, I was forced through finishing school when I was younger and have high standards when it comes to My subs navigating meals, activities, decorum and communication etiquette around Me.

I enjoy humiliation, reminding My submissives of their powerlessness, their slutty desires, their hunger and their perversions while I giggle and laugh at them. Once again, humiliation is only fun for Me if I see My submissives painfully enjoying themselves.

While I get a lot of energy from My subs enjoying themselves, I personally get a lot out of pushing their personal limits in an effort to grow and challenge themselves and their assumptions. Which is why I adore Chasity keyholding, subs from near and far can get Me to hold on to their key for total control over one of the most precious parts of their bodies. It is not easy for them, but true submission has sacrifice and through sacrifice, rewards are magnified.

I say that I enjoy all of these things but I acknowledge to get to a deep subspace I use different strategies, from bondage ( which I love! ) , psychological play ( I am very good with My words ), various kinds of naughty torture, roleplay and etc… no one sub gets the same treatment. It is a highly curated experience.I have an arsenal of high-end equipment that I will be bringing with Me in My aid.

I have explored highly specific role play, age play, race play ( only in deconstruction of white supremacy ), feminization, dom/sub dynamics.

Of recent, I have been exploring more medical play, complex rope work and service orientated submission.

My hard limits are sex and sexual activities, worshipping of places on My body covered by a bikini, brown showers, blackmail fantasy, anything involving animals and children. Any illegal actives.

I am a pro-domme of high ethics and have no interest in causing you actual financial ruin, deep traumatic psychological destruction ( some of you can take a lot and this will be negotiated ) and unnegotiated permanent physical damage.

However, I want to acknowledge that I practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink, which means we both go into this understanding there are risks involved and that in negotiation, we discuss each other’s boundaries and ultimately recognize that in the exploration of BDSM, there are not just physical risks but also mental, emotional but also financial. I encourage all My subs, especially ones who are completely new to BDSM or new to Me to consider placing adding a half hour extra time in negotiation if this is your very first experience with a pro-domme. 


Musing 0.2

I am a sadist.
I love the art of giving pain that borders the line of pleasure and excruciation.
I love the anticipation of when a cane strikes and if the crackle of a taser makes you flinch.

I assure you it is not simply the pain I enjoy administering. Oh no, I love the quick short breaths you take when I drag my nails across the back of your neck and the whimper you release when you hear the flogger whisk across the air barely touching you. I love your anticipation and terror.

I love every flinch, every cry, every shudder.

And I love it when you beg.

I’ll tell you when to beg, to ask for more pain and terror. And I wait – whip in hand.
And somehow you always do.
You beg.
You ask for more.

And I gladly deliver or withhold as you twist in your binds.



I love tea.

I love the art, the style, the history of tea ceremonies.
My father had the most beautiful tea set.
Dark wood base, with mother of pearl inlays of dragons. An elaborate brown tea set that would turn dark when wet. Perfect little bamboo tongs to gracefully pickup tea leaves.
I would sit for hours on My heels at that tea set perfecting my pour.

I was impatient then. Trying too hard and too quickly to drink before the tea was properly steeped.

I have since learned how to savor the process and the moments in between each pour and the raising of a delicate tea cup to my lips.


Dressed in a crisp, ironed, white shirt and dark pants arrive at the tea house. You are on time, not a minute too soon or too late.

You greet me with your hands clasped in front of you and give a slight nod just the way I taught you to do so in public. I see you are wearing your leather collar under your white shirt. I smile and nod. You sit in the chair in front of me.

We are surrounded by others in the other tables.
I order tea.
I ask you about your day.
As you answer, I press the ball of my high heeled shoe down between your legs. You let out what sounds like a quiet moan but I tap you sharply on the top of your left hand with my nails, and you are silent.

The tea set arrives in front of you. And we begin.