Tributes / Deposits

I anticipate tributes and deposits before I see / text / chat / skype with anyone. Below are My expectations on tributes and deposits. They are non-negotiable.

In person session deposits:
Portland – $100/hr
Other US Cities – 50% of our entire session ( $450/hr with a 1.5hr minimum )
Asia – 50% of our entire session ( $500/hr with a 1.5hr minimum )

Phone / Skype / Chat Rates:
$50 per 15 mins ( minimum )
$180 per whole hr
Phone + Photos: $250/hr – with a minimum of 30 mins
Skype: $250/hr – with a minimum of 30 minutes
Daily texting: $200/day ( I will be able to text with you for 8 hrs that day )
* Note that I will require the confirmed payment before I agree to chat with you, we will confirm a time when we will start our chat. *

Deposit Methods:
* For ALL the deposit methods, please only write a simple ‘THANK YOU’ on the message. I ask that you do not write anything more than that. Thank you *
* For any SNAIL MAIL deposits, please enclose the cash in a book or in a card. Thank you. People often send a few phone/skype calls worth of of tributes and then over the course of a month I deduct from this. *

Digital Methods:
– Cash@pp
– Venm0
– Paypa1
– AVN Stars: Tribute with a 20% platform charge of 20% to My profile of Domina Elara

Snail Mail via PO Box:
422 NW 13th Ave, #267
Portland, OR, 97209

Thank you so much! If you have any further questions, please email Me at dominatrixelara(dot)protonmail(dot)com.