I am Domina Elara

You may call Me Domina

I’m an Asian dominatrix based out of Portland, OR with a love for kink and powerplay.

I came to America a few years ago from Asia and have fallen in love with the Pacific NW. When I am not binding the hands of My subs to walls and flogging them breathless, I work as a high-powered executive in the city.

I believe that BDSM is one of the most powerful ways to tap deep into our psyches, face our selves, our true desires, and things that help us grow. I believe it keeps us honest and true to our inner selves. I enjoy tapping deep into your shadow.

I have a soft spot for people who are eager to serve and submit to Me, and enjoy sessions with a good mix of psychological games, impact and denial.

I incorporate the act of ritual into My sessions as an act to honor My ancestors and deep self. Ritual will allow you to access deeper within yourself as it does for Me. Sessions with Me take pause and pleasure in the held moment between breaths and the crack of a whip.

Do not rush Me.

I am under the mentorship of two of Portland’s most experienced Dominatrixes with over 30 years of collective experience under their whip. They are Mistress Viola and Natasha Strange. I highly recommend seeking them out for delectable sessions.


While I love the hungry, curious and exploratory novice and the executive looking for a quick one time escape, I am also looking for devoted, willing and eager submissives who want a build a strong Dom/sub relationship over an extended period of time with our sessions. I want us to see each other with some level of regularity, create new personalized rituals together, and go very deep into a space of trust, openness and deep submission.

This doesn’t happen right away, it happens with the right fit between a Dom and a sub, If you are interested in this – I would be very interested in having sessions and pursuing it with you.

Your safety and privacy is extremely important to Me. I recommend using an encrypted email such as protonmail to communicate with Me. I honor hard limits and boundaries but I aim to push your limits, so that We will grow together.

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